There are different types of yoga we do it for relating our fittness, wealth, health, diseases, job, concentration etc. The new type of yoga is Saraswathi yoga it is prepared only for education purpose.

                            It is said to be highly recommended yoga for education. It is good for education. It is good for education and powerful for students. Saraswathi yoga is belongs to God Saraswathi i.e; Goddness of knowledge, education and intelligence.

The planets like Jupiter, Mercury and venus are related for forming saraswathi yoga. Jupiter is used to responsible for extreme wealth and success. Venus is for causes high status life and passionate.

Mercury is also highly powerful planets that represents it to
education. This planets offers intelligence, communication, knowledge, intellect, language proficiency, analytical skills etc.

If we do regularly by involving in saraswathi yoga, a person will surely have a change in its person's life. A person will shine in all forms of science, speaking, writing, literature, music etc. It also improve communication skill, knowledge good education for its career.

The other merits of this yoga, a person provides a good life partner, children and beautiful life leading processes in their globe.

Yoga for education.
Certificate in Yoga.
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