According to new study, a sugar-sweetened sodas, sports drinks or
juices who drink every day around five-years-old children are have a chance of increase in obese.

Although, a sugar-sweetened drink have a less amount of calories that children have remaining it gains amount of calories into increases weight over time, said Dr. Mark De Boer, University of Virginia in Charlottesville.

He and his officials estimated 9,600 children and their parents at the age of kids two, four and five years old with the income, education and also how frequently their kids drank sugary drinks and watched TV.

The analysis going on by who all are drinking one soda or soft drinks ranged from 9 to 13 percent. Atlast of survey ended found that five-years-old kids who had atleast one sugary drinks daily were 43 percent highest of having chances of obese than those who drank less over again.

Four-year-old children also have a highest chance of getting obese because of sugary drink than compared to non-drinkers. But two-year-old have no relation between sugary drink and obesity.

However, American Beverage Association trade group said that overweight and obesity is occurred by inequality between calories and beverages.

Every parents should take care of their young children by getting unhealthy calories. Instead of soft drinks they have water and milk for options, said De Boer.

Increase in childhood obesity.
Soft drink obesity.
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