An experiment suggest that Type I diabetes can control by vaccine at early stage. A study says that by training the Patients Own Immune System can control Type I diabetes level in the body. Since the immune system damages the cells in our body which secretes insulin, the hormones necessary for controlling the sugar level in our body.

In a recent study about 80 Patients diagonized shows that vaccine could
stabilize their immune system published in Journal science Translational medicine. The Researchers says that the result is a important achievements.

The researches in Steinman stand for University says that vaccine used to make an effect against immune system. 

In Type I diabetics persons immune system damages the beta cells secreted in Pancreas. This makes the unable to secrete insulin. So we need regular vaccinated throughout our life. But in  facts about Type I diabetes is caused by unhealthy food habits. 

The vaccine made helps us to fights against Certain White Blood Cells which destroy beta cells. So when patients were given injection weekly this makes the level of white blood cells to decrease. Blood Diagonized after injecting the vaccine shows the results that beta cell functions in a effective ways than with Insulin.

Prof. Lawerence says that we are very much happy about the result which the immunologists dream of just giving attaching the dysfunctional immune cells without disturbing the whole immune system by the vaccine.

But Prof. Steinman says that vaccine last up for two months effect so it still regularly vaccine is needed for control. The UK Chief executive of Type diabetes I charity, JDRS said that this was the first step that a vaccine which control our blood sugar level in preserving insulin in our body. This makes our world without Type I diabetes. But it use in hospital is some time away. 

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