According to new studies lung cancer and heart failure caused due to air pollution in cities.

Early lung cancer can caused by smoking to the people but due to increase in air pollution may cause a higher risk in factors of  lung cancer. A research  code name  Escape of total of 313,000 people. It found that people who often exposed to nitrogen oxides leads to lung cancer. Among the participants 2,095 people were shows the symptoms of lung cancer.

Ole Raaschou- Nielsen from Danish cancer society research center says that the risk of lung cancer air pollution increases to 18% of every 5 micrograms per cubic meter  of PM 2.5 pollution and for every 10 micrograms per cubic meter PM 10 pollution it rises to 22% risk of lung cancer. But there is no effect of nitrogen oxides and lung cancer.

But the study led by Lancet says that short term exposure of air
pollution risk to high level increase in lung cancer and heart failure.

The researchers in Nicholas mills from Edinburgh university says that air pollution leads to death causes in lung cancer.

Mills said that due to pollution in cities leads to risk of cardiovascular problems to people. The study says that the air pollution leads to higher level of carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and ozone which has strong connection to the people with heart failure and lung cancer due to the pollutants except ozone. 

Air pollution lung cancer.
Increasing lung cancer due to air pollution.
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