In US all the family members had one television for their use. However, a study says that 200,000 children in US engaged with declining television over 20 years.

The study in Journal Pediatrics says that nearly 2.6% required hospital admission. Most of the children affected with under five years old with neck and headache commonly. The researchers analyzed the period from 1990 to 2011.

In 2011, there was 12,300 children worldwide need crisis treatment for TV related injuries while balance with 1990 period.

In US, a family has atleast one television 99%, and two or three
with 55%.
Older TV's may be transfer to  reduce protected locations in their 
home like dressers or other inappropriate furniture. Nowadays, flat-screen TV's were highly popular in the globe.

Article of children awarness of watching television.
Keywords: Children in US engaged with declining television, children worldwide.
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