Eastern China faces a mass departure as Typhoon Soulik rain. There were 3,00,000 people fled their homes, state media said. The China's National Meteorological center reported that winds forces 119 km/hour, stroke into the Coastal Fujian Provinces.

It states that 200 people dead by heavy rain. It estimates the flooding on the island of Taiwan. It informs that one person been killed on the island and more 8,500 people were move out of from mountainous and other places.

Other places like Fujian and Zhejiang of Coastal Province Chinese, were abandoned flights, trains and fishing boats.

A police officers was dead by lessening bricks and people suffered by falling trees and others were injured. The electricity facility was diminished due to heavy wind and rain, in Taiwan.

Soulik rain was the first mass departure to face Taiwan this year with heavy damages because of nearby island ,said BBC's  Cindy Sui.
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