On Wednesday, 17th July 2013 in Bihar 22 students die after taking
their free lunch in school which was contaminated with Insecticide.

The children aged between 5 to 12 were affected with vomiting after taken their school meals which was free served in Gandamal village in masrakh block in Patna. A 12 years old student Savita said that after she had taken the meals of soyabeans and potato she had vomiting and stomache. 

She said in an interview after she was hospitalised  in Patna medical college hospital. The state official Abhijit  Sinha said that children were hospitalized to local hospitals for treatments.

P.K. Sahi, state education minister said to an interview that 22 children were diet and 25 children were undergoing treatment of that 3 children were in serious condition.

The government officials suspends the incharge of free meal scheme and registered criminal negilgence case against the school headmistress.

The children who are died and their parents and villagers were in protest against the school administration and the villagers joined with opposite parties closed shops and hotels  and burned four police vehicles.

P.k. Sahi, state education  minister said that according to the preliminary investigation the food was not properly washed as it contains organo phosphorus which is used as an insecticied on rice and wheat crops.

But the local people said that the children were i'll after eating soyabeans and potatos not rice. These who had not eaten soyabeans and potatos are well.

Sinha said that the police officials and investigators siezed the food and utensils for further investigation and we will get the correct result after the enquiry he said.

Although there has been many comphians about the mid day meal scheme about their lack of hygiene. This incident in Bihar was worst and unpreceding to the meal scheme. 

School students 22 killed in Bihar after taking free meals.
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