A high-speed train collision held on Wednesday July 24th 2013 in Spain. There were 80 people killed on accident and many of them wounded, 30 people were in critical condition. The train crashed because of double the speed limit at the time of derailed collision in Spain occurred.

Police were in questions an injured train driver Jose GraAmo, who travelled the train in high-speed.

Till now there were 130 people is in hospitalized and 95 of them still being caring, health official reported.

Therefore, Spain announced three days of national bereavement
over the crash. It is said to be one of the most horrible rail collision.

People  killed by train are from different nationalities was injured and death over among it includes five Americans and one Briton. The 32 were in serious condition including children.

Rafael Catala, The Secretary of State for Transport said that early sign suggested the train had been going too fast. The 'Black Box' of train's data recording is under the incharge of judge for investigation.

At the minute of the crashes the train went into take the curve at 190km/h(118mph), the limit of the speed contains of 80km/h, said Mr. Grazon.

This sorrowness incident happened on the eve of Santigo de Compostela's important annual festivals. Thousands of christian pilgrims gathered to the city in honour of St. James.

Spanish Rail accident.
Train derailed in Spain.
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