The study published in United Nations Children's Fund says that
breastfeeding is the most reasonable price of saving child's life. In 2011, estimated that about 6.9 million children died in developing countries. In India it is reported that nearly 1.6 million were death.

Only breastfeeding for six months regularly save their children from illness and any diseases, said Pediatricians and Public health specialists.

Breastfeeding baby after the one hour of child reduce the risk of newborn death upto 22%. And also it reduce the deaths linked to Sepsis, Pneumonia, diarrhoea and hypothermia.

According to the studies in US an UK results that breastfeeding children reduces sick while compared to non-breasted children.

However, children have their breastfeeding within one hour of the birth till six months of life. Without breast feeding milk no other foods or fluids should not be feeded for six months, says Dr. Manish Malik, neonatologist at Max hospital Saket.

Breast feeding immunization to new born.
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