The dessert with tasty and delicious chocolates and combination of raspberry ice-cream makes a wonderful match up purpose to eater. This receipe is favourable for children to eat. It is easy to prepare and it takes just 10 minutes to set up. The ingredients used are one and half cups of frozen raspberry, thawed, one tbsp of icing sugar, four chocolate biscuits, two scoops raspberry ice-cream and two chocolates heart shape.

                               Take one cup of raspberries through a strainer and mix in the icing sugar. Now, place the biscuits on plates and covered top with ice-cream and raspberries. Atlast, garnish with chocolates hearts, remaining raspberries and mint leaves if wanted. Now, ready to serve it immediately a delicious chocolate with raspberry ice-cream receipe.

Raspberry ice-cream receipe.
Raspberry chocolate ice-cream.
Keywords: chocolates heart shape, chocolate biscuits, raspberry ice-cream. 

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