Fourty Pythons snakes found in Canadian motel room. It is found in plastic storage bins in a Ontario motel room rented by a couple. They were hang about one night at the motel in Brantford which was 62 miles South west of Toronto.

It was immediately reported by the Canadian Society for the Protection of Animals. The snakes were ranged in length from one feet to four and half feet long.

Before 11 days, two young Canadian boys was seem to be dead by 14-foot long python. Connor Barthe, aged six and his brother Noah aged four died in Campbellton who was stayed at a friend's house by African rock python. Police were linking investigation of the two boys death and pythons in a motel room.

The couple who was stayed in the room said the establishment that
they were staying there after being dispossessed from their home. But they were escaped from the room, when police arrived.

Python snakes are illegal for home ownership in Brantford, said Animal Control bylaws officials.

Pythons in Canadian Motel room.
Fourty pythons discovered in Ontario Motel room.
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