A new research made by Chinese Researchers that solid organs and
tissues like teeth can be developed by stem cell research using human urine.

Earlier research shows how cell can be developed from urine. It is known that cell discarded with urea become induced Pluripotent stem cell (ipscs) which may developed many types of cells including nurons and heart muscles.

In  Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and health center Duanqing Pei and his team study a novel chimeric tissue cellular system than can coax these ipscs into tiny teeths. They developed two different types of cells in which epithetial cells develops enamel and mesenchymal cells develops other parts of teeth like dentin and pulp.

In first stage of research they used the chemical coax the ipscs into flat sheets of epithetial cells. Then they mix with embroynic mesenchymal cells in mouse and developed them into mice. After three weeks, the structure grown physically into human teeth. It also contains pulp, dentin and enamel formins cells.

 But the new developed mouse cells has 30% success and its hardness is one-third of the original human teeth. To solve these disadvantages the researchers says that human mesenchymal stem cells can be substituted for mouse ones and tissue culture twice.

These method developed a bio engineered tooth bud, cultured in a jar and transplanes into Jaw bone for fully functional human teeth for patients.
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