Tablet transaction reduces in second quarter, IDC says. In  second quarter it transport nearly 45.1 million by tablet makers. It slows down 9.7 percent, said IDC.

In the first quarter the sale increases to 60 percent but from the same year it unfortunately slows down in second quarter. Apple introduced a new iPad in the second quarter which is the reason for sales transaction reduced for tablets

A new iPad attract consumer that helps to boost Apple and its participants, said Tom Mainelli.

Nearly by the fourth quarter there will be expecting many new products been launched from Apple, Amaozon and others in market.

A year ago in second quarter Android and Windows tablets reduces its transaction. While Apple's iPad delivered 14 percent to 14.6 million. But Apple company meet a falls in tablet 33 percent from 60 percent.

Blackberry also faces a drop in tablet transaction. Todays date
Android growing faster than the Windows 8 platform. Samsung felt a profit in the period loading 8.1 million tablets to nab 18 percent of the market. Asus, Lenovo, and Acer also placed a highest growth but their market share remains low. 

In second quarter tablet worth become low compared to iPad.
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