Ross Island is located in Andaman Nicobar Island of India. If we went tour to Andaman Nicobar Islands place to visit of Ross Island. It was situated just 2km away from Port Blair. It is linked to Indian Mainland by flight, ship route from Chennai to Port Blair. We travell with jettys or boats to Ross Islands.

It is a smaller island in the sea. In this Ross Island, water is to be clear and softy touch. It is like bluish and green in color. Palm  and coconut tree surrounded by the part of the beach. Populance used to go for swimming and enjoy theirself a day at the beach.

No hotels and restaurants facilities overcome there at the beach. No other things are available for people needed. They have to carry their own mats, water and food. But officials are not permitted to cook over there due to cleanliness. We can also see deer, pig, elephants and beautiful fishes.

The Ross Island covered area about 0.8km. People spoken
languages like hindi, english, tamil. The suitable time to visit the Ross Island were Oct-May month. Some of the famous places to visit are Marina Park and Aquarium, Neil Island and Viper Island.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
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