Reliance company launches its new games called Rage Warriors for
ioS device with partnership of Lakshya Digital. The game is consider in a post-apocalyptic future and hand to hand combat with different weapons. It is developed by Singapore-based Lakshya Digital and also called as Mobile Fighting game.

The game is full of fighting and there were used 30 different bladed weapons in four individual stages. The players can choose their own gladiators with menacing faces, different hairstyles and tattoos. It is designed with graphics that shows the ruthless and bloody struggle of each clashes. The fighting style consider an arcade-style with kicks, punches, blocks and specials.

According to Reliance Entertainment Digital CEO Manish Agarwal
said that we distribute the most high-quality and entertaining games with Lakshya Digital. Therefore, Rage Warriors games consider to be of full of gore, bloodshed and powerful competition fighting games which is been linked by young children.

However, President of Lakshya Digital Co-Founder Dib Chaudhni says that we are eager and bigheaded to deliver Rage Warriors to the bazaar. And they also said that Rage Warriors games consider with many beautiful worlds, epic characters, forceful combat to the players.
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