Mexico city- A strong earthquake of two-punch took place at Western Mexico on early Sunday morning June 16th,2013. The electricity and cellular phone service are cutted off. There were no major injuries occurred through quake. It was felt at 5.9 magnitude at 12:30 am with epicenter about 90 miles south of Mexico city in the northern part of Guersero state.

The apartment bulidings, hotels and skyscrapes were swaying due to quake. Most of the people remains in street after long time of earthquake in Mexico ended.

A major Miguel Angel Mancera inspector of Mexico city took a
immediate action and round a city in helicopter to all the streets whether their is any major damages felt. He said that there were no serious damage occurred but the people are suffering from no electricity.

In 1985, Mexican capital saw a major quake were 10,000 people killed and destroyed.

Strong earthquake in Mexican
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