The Samsung Company now going to introduce newly a model on
Galaxy Mega 6.3. It is considered to be the largest smartphone with 6.3-inch phablets from the Korean electronics.

The designing of the smartphone was fabulous it is extremely with the large 6.3 inch full HD, display considered to be TFT. Mega is a largest version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 when compared with the S3. It has a replaceable battery with a 3200mAh capacity.

The software installed in Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 features are Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) which is loaded on the S4. The Samsung's Air view, Smart Screen, Screen mirroring and S Bean functions comes under this Mega Smartphone.

While we enter into connectivity section such as asusual options
like bluetooth, wi-fi and A-GPS. This Mega 6.3 inch version accompanied with LTE. It has 8- megapixel camera. The dual-core 1.7 GHZ processor has a fastest moving in time. The battery was tested under CNET ASia's.

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3.
Samsung latest Mega 6.3 Galaxy Smartphone.
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