Jay-Z declares new Album 'Magna Carta sacred Grail'

Leave it to Jay-Z to sell a thousand copies of a new album even before he declares its lifestyle to the world.
The artist and mogul came out the information of a new LP, "Magna Carta Sacred Grail, " in  Samsung-partnered professional during Game 5 of the NBA finals Sunday. The Video revealed him trying on surpasses with manufactures such as Rick Rubin and Pharrell Williams and discussing new business designs. Indeed, "Magna Carta" comes with a novel one for its July 4th launch.
The gadgets organization new Samsung allegedly pre-bought the first thousand copies of the album, which it will spread free to customers who indication up July 24 for a specific app for its Universe Mobile Phones and pills, with the album getting July 4. The wall Road Publication reviews that the organization paid $5 per enhance copy, providing Jay a significant payday advance for an record no one outside his group had even observed of. The record gets a conventional launch three days later.

The launch technique comes at a effective time for Jay and for the junction of Music and technical. News of the album comes just times after the new album by his "Watch the Throne" associate kanye Western was released before its Tuesday launch date, and times after New Samsung competing Apple Company declared iTunes Radio a loading assistance that will also offer unique enhance tracks.
One details still being hashed out -- whether or not these business pre-sales will depend toward the Soundscan depend for "Magna Carta Sacred Grail. " The sales-tracking assistance has lately improved its guidelines to avoid flame sale price reduces of albums at online stores such as Amazon to assurance higher revenue figures.
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