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On July19, Nasa's Cassini space craft captured a image of earth seems like a "Pale Blue Pixel" from Saturn.

In Saturn Cassini space craft makes multi-image portrait during its work it captured the image of our planet which seems to be a small pixel dot between the rings of Saturn.

NASA said that the Cassini spacecraft takes about 15minutes to capture our planet earth view starting from 5:27 EDT. During that time Cassini also captures North America and Atlantic ocean partly.

Cassini captures the earth planet about 898 miles away from Saturn which look likes a pixel in size a " Pale Blue Dot".

Linda Spiker, Cassini project scientist at Nasa's Jet Propul
Laboratory in Pasadena, California says that  our team will send the image to see around the world to people to show how our planets looks from Saturn images Nasa.

Cassini first image to capture earth as blur colour from its resolution camera. In 1968 Apollo 8 mission captures the image of earth from moon titled "Earth rise" about 240,000 miles away from earth.

In 1990, a" Pale Blue Pixel" title image is taken by voyager spacecraft about 6 billion kilometers away. Carolyn Porlo, head of Cassini image team says that Cassini path looking for right time to captured earth when Saturn is not obstructed by Saturn or its rings. 

Saturn images on earth.
Nasa's research in Cassini images on earth.
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