CHENNAI, June19,2013- A girl who was 12-year-old named
K.Abirami studying class VI  seemed to be death by road accident. At 7.45 a.m; Mogappair West Abirami was riding bicycle through Mohanram Nagar, suddenly came a sewage lorry hit her and ran her over. A small child died on the way of taken treatment.Her parents and school institution were shocked of her death because of unsafety traffic roads.

The officials said that the school students are riding two wheelers in the city. Only between the age of 16 and 18 are given licences to ride vehicles with engine power of less than 50cc. But most of them are not obeying the traffic rules and riding geared motorcycles in the heavy traffic without licences. 

It is happened because of their parents. Parents are the only reason were school children riding geared bikes. There will be parents itself ask to issue licenses to their childrens, said Transport licences authority.

Every school children must be take by their parents for travelling to school by autorickshaws or either drop by their own. Traffic police said, the awareness guide should be create among every schools about children riding heavy bikes and disadvantages they felt by rode.

Schools authority said that they always avoid children below class V to ride bicycles to schools. Only from class VI they have permission to ride. Children have to manage and maturity to navigate to ride bicycles in heavy traffic means their parents allow them to ride bicycles safely to schools or otherwise neglect them strictly.

Helmets is the important one to were children when riding motorcycles to schools, said S.Amudha Lakshmi Principal of Chettinad Vidyashram. 

Traffic safety for kids.
Street safety for childrens.
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