The Great Wall of China is the famous and landmark in China. It is one of the tourist place and comes under seven wonders of the world. It is popular for sightseeing and people from all over the world visit China Wall to see this extreme architecture.

The Great China Wall was constructed by three main people called first, the Qin from 221-207 B.C; second the Han from 206 B.C-220A.D and finally third the Ming from period 1368-1644 A.D. The Chinese Walls appears to be like dragon circling the mountain. 

"Wan Li Chang" is a common term used in China, defines "Wall of 10,000Li [10,000Li=5.000Km]. Many people worked to built China the great Wall and many of them were died while working.

The Great Wall of China comes across deserts, rivers, mountains,
grasslands and plateaus. It is spread throughout 6,700Km. It stretches over 2 millennium from east to west side of China. Its height consists of 4.5 m to 9m and width consists of 4.5m to 8m.

The finally Great Wall of China was constructed by Ming Dynasty over 600 years ago.The wall was built by hands using sand, stone, bricks, straw, soil, wood, clay. Then the wall was still strong due to by getting support today also it seems while constructing the rice flour mixed tough by bricks and mortar. The Great Wall are said to be China Great Wall Tour.

Seven wonders of the world.
China the great wall.
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