At Loma Linda University in California scientist found that
vegetarian diet people has longer life than meat eating people. In a study more than 73,000 people were participated in that about 12% of people has chance of longer life than meat eating people.

Dahl, assistant professor in UF's food science and human nutrition department says that many of our diseases like heart problems and diabetes depends on our daily food habit.

The research found that vegetarian diet taking men has more chance of longer life than women.

The reason why vegetarian diet is more important to our daily life is it has higher level of antioxidants, fiber and vitamins and other nutrients which helps us lead a health life said Dahl. Michaela 19 years old of journalism said that she left non vegetarian diet for about 3 years on and take vegetarian diet which shows her increase in energy in our daily life.

The researchers found that the vegetarian diet people has 19% less chance of heart problem than non-vegetarian. Thus researchers suggest that taking green vegetables makes people life more health and to live longer life

Increase of living longer life.
Veggie Diet.
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