There were double blast in northwest Pakistan on Friday, July 26th 2103. Nearly 57 people were killed in blast. However, the explosion held in a busy market of Parachinar town nearby the edge with Afghanistan.

The bomb blast occurred in the evening time when the people was jam-packed with shoppers having their meal. The people over their were eating after finished a fasting during the holy month of Ramdan.

In this blast one of the bomb blast was planned on a motorbike and after sometimes second blast taken place.

According to administrator of the Kurram region Riaz Mahsud said
that approximately 72 people were injured and some of them were in serious stage. It is not clear the reason dependable for the blasts.

Therefore, still now Pakistan faces many blasts since Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister was on oath in last month.

Article of bomb blast in Northwest Pakistan.
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