The custard apple with passion fruits include tasty ice-cream blocks. The ingredients used are 280ml of water, 3/4 cup of caster sugar i.e; 170 gms, 350 gms of custard apple flesh one, 120 ml of passion fruits pulp and 120 ml of coconut cream.

                               Take a sugar syrup with adding water. In a other saucepan add sugar and allow it to boil it. Then allow it to cool for some times. Merge custard apple smoothly with half of the sugar syrup.

Then have custard apple mixture into eight 100ml ice block
moulds. Next at the same time place in ice block sticks and then freeze  for four hour. Mix 120ml passion fruits pulp of the remaining sugar syrup with three tablespoon into four of the moulds and another four moulds for add 120 ml  coconut cream with remaining sugar syrup. Then freeze it for  a further four hours.

Now, custard apple with passion fruits and coconut ice-cream sticks are ready to have it for children. It is easy and quickest way to prepare it for our children in home.

Ice-cream with combination of custard apple.
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