In common places like office, train, school unfortunately your nose is actually bleeding it can't stop it anywhere else. So, that on such places when nosebleeds occurs use like tissues, napkins, newspaper to control it.

The reasons causes of nosebleeds are off the record as:
1) Nose picking:
                If any particle inserted into the nostrils immediately you get irritant to cause of bleeding.
2) Trauma:
               A high crashes have a chance of causing nosebleeds.
3) Tumorus:
                  Tumorus is one of the indication of a nasal and sinus. If it occur frequently immediately consult doctor for emergency.
4) Weather:
              Weather like humidity, vary in temperature, seasons causes of nosebleeds. Other mainly occur due to dry air, said Dr. Leavey.

1) Allergies and colds: 
                      These allergies and cold causes running nose. If you
get severe cold or allergies that contains non-stopable nose bleeding.

2) Hypertension:
                     According to the America Heart Association reported that 17 percent of people engaged with high blood pressure that cause nosebleeds. However, nosebleeds are unavoidable symptoms of hypertension.

What cause nosebleeds?
Reason for frequent nosebleeds.
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