Nividia going to introduce a shield handheld gaming device. It publishes its shipping date for the shield. The project faced many problems and now they issue new date, July 31st 2013.

It's original date of launching on June 27. But due to some fault of mechanical issue with the device they post-pond the date of launching.

The shield also called an ambitious mistake. Its price starts at $349 on the shield. The price will be lower a week according to the customer purchase.

The Tegra 4- powered device has a five-inch controller. It has 720p touchscreen with fold up and down to cover the device. It is similar like a typical bit Xbox 360 controller with two analog sticks, a D-pad, buttons and bumpers.

It is possible WIFI device comes with an HDMI port and MicroSD
with 4K resolution output. The shield has 16 gigabytes of internal storage device. As an substitute of a keyboard and mouse it uses an analog stick to operate it. 

Microsoft handheld gaming system.
Video game console.
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