A new study says that the children Brain Powers down to late night sleep of more than 11,000 children of seven years old in U.K.

The study also says that the children who go to bed time after 21.00 hrs has low marks in reading and maths. The researcher says that due to late sleep at night our body disrupt natural body rhythms. 

The study conducted between the age of three, five and seven years old. The results says that late sleep is common at age 3 and 5 but the age  of 7 most of children were late bed time at 19.30 to 20.30 hrs which leads to disrupt the physical attitude and shows low marks in reading and maths and other physical activities.

Prof. Amanda Sacher from university of London lead the study late
bed time to the children are due to their family surroundings and watched more T.V in their bedroom.

Dr. Robert Scott - Jupp of Royal College of Peadiatrics and child health says that better night sleep may cause good mental and physical health to children rather than late night cause children less intelligent but it is more complicated.

But he says that ever it may my opinion is to take children a good early night sleep to their health and brain. 

Article of late night sleep by children leads to low marks. 
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