According to the new report published in The FASEB Journal
illustrate the production of molecules called Maresins. The fish oil compound DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) has anti-inflammation effect.

These maresins contains reduces inflammation. However, a new basis called maresins that shows how DHA works.

Inflammation is that it contains infections and injury to our body. It otherwise inflammation becomes chronic, it leads to be higher risk in our body. It is related with cancer or diabetes, said U.S. News reported.

White blood cell known as macrophage translate DHA to make maresins, said researches from Harward Medical School, the University of Southern California and the Karolinska Institute.

Though Maresins able to control macrophage to shot from an inflammation and non-inflammation-causing type.

Through the latest Journal of Leukocyte Biology, research that DHA could also control the body's immune response by rising action of the B cell, also a type of White blood cell. 

Fish oil DHA.
Decrease inflammation through Maresins.
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