The food generally we eat fat to our body. Some of the fast weight loss diet  and fat burning foods are

*Boost Your Metabolism:
                                 Mostly food caused increasing thermogenic effect. It contains nutrients and compounds to boost your metabolism.

         Grains contains many calories that contains rich in fiber such as oatmeal and brown rice.

*Green Tea:
            Green Tea is essential to people to drink in eight weeks, said by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

          It contains 35% of iron in our body that increase nutrient and lower metabolism, said Tammy Lakatos Shames.

 *Hot Pepper:
              Hot Pepper is good for our health. Capsaicin gives heats up our body to reduce calories, says Lakatos Shames. We can eat it by raw, cooked or through powder. We can add pepper to hot sauce, soups, eggs and ,meats.

*Loss weight:
              A advance way to reduce weight, eat healthy snacks, recipes and maintain expert tips to lower fat burning food within 30 days. 

Article for Fat Burning Food that speed up metabolism.
Accelerated Fat Burning Food. 
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