A new study shows that in recent years due to  increase in global temperature. There will be higher risk of heavy rainfall or extreme drought in the world.

The new report have been taken from intergovernmental  panel on climate change which organized a project CMIP5 says that the reports of 14 different climate models analyzed and shows that due to increase in climate change. There will be higher rainfall events or extreme droughts in global areas. This assessment was given by intergovernmental panel on climate change in its fifth assessment report earlier.

The researchers analyzed not only the global temperature but their study include the carbondioxide emission which also affects  the rainfall level to high, moderate and low level and drought condition. They find that emission of carbondioxide by 1 percent globally changes the increase in temperature which causes heavy rainfall by 100 to 250 percent, moderate rainfall from 5 to 10 percent and low rainfall by 10 to 15 and 16 percent increase in dry season month. In the areas of North Africa, Southern Africa and Southern Europe as well as some parts of South Western United States and Mexico and North Eastern Brazil has more drought areas with low rainfall. 

The regions of equatorial Pacific Ocean and Asian
monsoon areas have very high rainfall. These study makes an evidence to global warming by increasing in high emission of carbondioxide will cause extreme floods and extreme drought conditions. So there is link between the carbondioxide emission and global climatic change which affects the world by heavy rainfall or extreme drought condition. 

So we need to balance our global temperature to prevent the climate changes in the world. 

Facts of Global warming.
Global warming weather conditions.
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