Banana is useful to humans which is used by eating raw, combination with desserts etc. It present many useful benefits of daily diet to humans.

Banana is generally eaten by all age groups in the globe. It has many useful profit of eating this fruits.

1. Blood Pressure Regulation:
                                 Banana is  a essential fruit which has quantity of Potassium and low intensity of salt. It helps to reduce the blood pressure and risk of controlling heart diseases.

2. Bone Strength: 
               Banana is good for our bones contains potassium and prevent our bones from weakening. It also contains neutralize and sodium in body.

3. Source of Energy:
                          Vitamin C and Vitamin B-6, minerals hold with banana fruit. It gives more energy. After finishes our lunch have a banana, that helps to easy digestion.

4. Bowel Health:
                       If anyone distress from constipation banana is right fruit to
control it. Then mainly it contains dietary fiber consists of bowel system to our body.

5. Stress Reduction:
                          If a person engaged with tension or pressure, the metabolic rate control it and potassium level reduce the stress contains in our body.

6. Brain Food:
                      Banana is more helpful to our brain mentally. It has lots of potassium contains that alert mentally power to our brain. If we get injured and secure the blood to clot faster with the help of haemoglobin, banana is the right food which has sufficient rich in iron to our body.

Healthy tips of banana.
Usefulness of banana.
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