MOSCOW July 2, 2013 Tuesday - Russia send a booster rocket handling three satellites gone down at a Russia-leased cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. After launched shortly the Proton-M booster rocket black out the engine 17 seconds into the flight and gone down between 2 kilometers away a mile from the Baikonur, said the Russian Space Agency.

The officials said three were no wounded or injure. The Interfex new agency reported that the smoldering rocket fuel has coverlet with a toxic cloud.

Same incident happened in August 2012, Proton-M booster crashed
in Baikonur cosmodrome, which got unsuccessful to place two satellites in orbit. However, till date Russia lossen seven satellites unsuccessful launches over a year, said Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

The officials in space said that the disastrous happened by mistake on manufacturing flaws and engineering error.

Kazakhstan Cosmodrome.
Rocket launched in Russia.
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