Planes is an forth coming American 3D computer- animated adventure and it is a type of comedy film. The film of the director was Klay Hall and produced by Traci Baltha Zor-Flynm. The screenplay was done by Jeffrey M.Howard. Music of the film by Mark Mancina. Distribute by Walt Disney studios and Motion pictures.

The group of actors in the film are Dane Cook as Dusty Crophopper, Stacy Keach as Skipper Riley, Priyanka chopra as Ishani, Julia Louis - Dreyfus as Rochelle, Roger Craig Smith as Ripslinger, John Cleese as Bulldog, Teri Hatcha as Dottie, Brad Garett as Chug and many other players.

           A small town plane which is of dirty and imaginings of challenging as a high-flying air racer. He has two major disadvantages called isn't built for racing and scared of heights. He
had receives assist from a seasoned aviator named Skipper Riley to take the caring champ of the iniquitous racing circuit named Ripslinger. Grimy bravery is really put to the test for try to fly height but it is not possible and giving idea to go sky-high.

The releasing date of the film was August 9th 2013.

Disney Plane movie.
Upcoming animated movie Plane.
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