Economy growth of china decreased up to 7.5 per cent in the second quarter. With the depression of reduction china faces the growth slower in economy in 2013, at the first time since up to 15 years ago.

However, the premier Li Keqiang reported that the economy is upto prospects line last week. Then Zhu Haibin an economist with JP Morgan said that the second half will be feeble.

In the first quarter it grew 7.7 per cent a year, and 7.8 per cent  last year growth economy in china.

Actually Chinese economy growth rate recorded in the second quarter. The production of industrial shares 8.9 per cent in June, 9.3 per cent in May increases. The outlay of fixed-asset reduces to 20.1 per cent growth from 20.6 per cent in May decreases. In June, Chinese export production falls down first time since a year.

In first three months of the year growth bordered upto 1.6per cent of the year and in the second quarter 1.7 per cent. The service sector long- drawn-out 8.3 per cent and the industrial production grew 7.6 per cent .

According to Louis Kujis, said that sector is superior than industry sector of economy in china.

China economy growth rate.
Chinese economy growth.
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