According to study of America Medical Assn, reported that
obesity a American adults and 12 million children having obesity disease. In U.S the rates of obesity estimated high nearly one-third of adults and 17% children caused by obesity.

However, members of the California Assn, of Health Plans recognizes treatment of medical condition with obesity which includes bariatric surgery and diabetes, said President and Chief Executive Patrick Johnston.

Obesity may referred to as " Urgent Chronic Condition" , " Major Health Concern" and "Complex disorder". The risk of obesity resulted to high cholesterol for heart diseases.

According to the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention, said treatment of obesity resulted to illnesses as cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and some cancer.

Physical exercise and diets, avoiding junk foods to school children reduces obesity prevention. Weight-loss is the way to decrease obesity. Obesity is caused due to overweight.

So, neglect to treating more drugs and surgical treatments get a way of finding healthy diets and proper exercise of avoiding obesity diseases,  said AMA members. 

Article of Obesity.
Obesity is high in America.
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