According to new study published diet like soft drinks, biscuits , cakes, desserts causes raise the danger of stomach or bowel cancer. Scientists examined Scottish bowel cancer patients including diets, physical activities and smoking habits. 

The result related with other risk of factors called colorectal cancer which is comes under history of family. It also acknowledged new causes of risk in high-energy snacks.

Aberden and Edinburgh Universities researchers diagonised 2,000 bowel cancer patients diets and match up to the food and soft drink.

However, Dr. Evropi Theodoratou Universities of Edinburgh research that more than 170 foods which related with fruits, vegetables, fish and meat as well as high-energy snacks like chocolates, biscuits, soft drinks, crips including fruit squash. It also relate between bowel cancer and diet of research.

They examined two distinct eating prototype. One was like healthy foods, fruits, vegetables and western pattern was high in meat, fat and sugar.

The output came that it was low pattern in healthy dietary contains colorectal cancer risk and as well as it is high causes risk in western dietary pattern.

In UK after lung cancer, bowel cancer is the second most highly causing cancer death in people. 

Increases Colorectal cancer risk due  to soft drinks and chat items.
Keywords: Colorectal cancer risk, healthy dietary, lung cancer, diet like soft drinks, bowel cancer, high- energy snacks.
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