NASA says its Hubble Telescope discovers a new moon in neptune. The new moon was named as S/2004 N1. with that new moon  discovers there is 14 moon in the neptune planet.

Mark Showalter, US Astronomer says that the new moon is found is very much small dot spotted during its orbiting around neptune by Hubble Telescope.

The new moon S/2004 N1 is the tiny moon in neptune planet measures. Just 20Km(12miles) completing one comple revolution around every 23 hours.

NASA also said that the moon discovered by Hubble Telescope is 100 times smaller than the star which seen through naked eye in the sky.

Early, NASA says that in 1989 Voyager space Craft failed to discover the moon while orbiting the neptune. Showalter spotted
the moon as white dot which tracked the photographes 65,400 miles from the planet.

He traced 150 pictures caught by Hubble photos during the period of 2004 to 2009 and found the white dot while orbiting the path around the planet.

Showalter says to NASA that the orbiting path of moon are very fast so we have to follow their path to bring out the studies of their motion.

Pictures from the Hubble Telescope.
Latest Hubble images.
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