According to scientist, says that breakfast help to reduce weight in
human. They examined 93 obese women who all are distinguished into two team and given prearranged meals. Both the team ate 1400 calories, continously for 12 weeks. It estimated that breakfast contains 700 calories, lunch 500 and dinner 200 calories for one team and another team estimated that 200 calories of breakfast, lunch 500 and dinner 700 calories.

Atlast, it resulted that who had high breakfast calories each lost an average of 8.07 kg and 7.5 cm off their waists and in other team who had high dinner lost 3.31 kg and 3.5 cm off their waists.

The high breakfast team qualified that they have reduce in blood levels of insulin, glucose and triglyceride facts in their body. Triglyceride is a type of heart diseases.

Any how the high-calorie breakfast result high in fulfillment for lossing weight, insulin sensitivity and hunger suppression. It also avoids risk of Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, said Daniela Ja Kubowicz researchers from Tel Aviv University in Isreal. 

A healthy breakfast leads to weight loss.
Breakfast and weight loss.
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