In US, a new study published that dolphins have highest memories while compared to non-humans. Although, dolphins have memory capacity higher which has happened before 20 years, they can able to recall the remembrance incident.
The research published in Proceeding of the Royal Society B, that these longest memory power has a complex social connection to dolphins.

According to Dr.Brock tested the two female dolphins called Allie and Bailey. Before 20 years, when they were very young the two female dolphins lived together in the Florida.

Bailey dolphins breathe in Bermuda, the researchers played a
recording of Allie dolphins. Immediately Bailey react for the record played. However, before 20 years and 6 months they contact each other but still the other dolphin remembering the neighbour dolphin.

According to scientist, in the ocean dolphins have a fluid social understanding in terms called "fission-fussion" develop, i.e; live one group and join with many other in their lifetimes. Dolphins capacity of recall events signified that the cetaceans have a level of cognitive sophistication while match-up with humans, elephants and chimpanzes. 

Dolphins have the capacity of long-term memory and they able to recall their familiar and unfamiliar person. 

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Dolphin have highest memory compared to non-human.
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