A new study published in the Journal Epidemiology, that high cholesterol results a middle-aged man's risk of facing heart attack while compared with woman's.

Men who were in middle-age, been aware of high -cholesterol level than women because this middle-age was the right age group to reduce the rate of heart attack among men, said Erik Madssen from the Norwegian University of Science.

However, researchers follows the blood samples and health report from 23,525 women and 20,725 men for a 12-years period. It resulted that women causes 157 new cases of heart attack and 553 in men. It is been cleared that both women and men, report analyized that men has high level of heart attack due to increasing cholesterol in the body.

It has major additional risk of myocardial infarction due to increasing cholesterol in middle-aged men, said researchers. Eat healthy foods, it will be safe of having low cholesterol item to the body. So, that it prevented from any of the diseases.
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