Human body is a restless machine, which is been followed by keeping fit and eating healthy foods. Day to Day life we are acting the movements makes a body fittness to our health without any diseases.

1) Move it:
            Daily makes your body gets a movements by doing activities like climb staris, running or chasing your child or pet animals, playing balls, do home works, shopping etc. to move your limbs. It helps you to avoid from stress and pain.

2) Avoid Fatty foods:
                     Be aware of fried foods, burgers and other foods like meats, pork, bacon, ham, salami, ribs and sausage. These foods contains more fatty acids which has high cholestrol. Dairy products like cheese, butter, cream, nuts been eaten  in low-fat cholestrol.

3) Away from cigarrette:
                         Smoking is injuires to health. In US, uses of tobacco products leads to reduced, said Surgeon General.

4) Protect from Pollution:
                   Avoid you from polllution breathe fresh air, smell shrubs in your garden, herbal plants like Aloe vera, kammungay, and taheebo. It is very healthy to your body. If you travelled in traffic areas, close your face with clothes behalf of protecting from air pollution.

5) Avoid excessive drinking: 
                      Avoid drinking like soft drinks it leads to many problems like cancer, liver and kidney diseases. A new study shows that drink a glass of wine or one drink a day helps you to keep away from heart diseases.
World Latest New Trends Article by Ramakrishna