A new study says that due to sudden rise in global temperature sealevel increases at 7 feet per degree celcius.

The researchers found four main factors which influence the global temperature rise. The major factors are melting glaciers in Antartica, Greenland, melting ice sheets and thermal expansion of oceans. Antartica and Greenland covers about 99.5 percentage of ice sheet in the world.

Peter Dark, author of study in oregon state university Paleoclimatologists says that the research does not study about the how much the earth temperature will rise and how much the level of ocean increases. 

A new study says that the ice glaciers at Greenland and Antartica have been melting at a rate of 300 billion tons per year. Due to this melting the rise in ocean level and global temperature will increase and cause natural change in atmosphere.

The recent study was to compare the estimate of global warming
temperature in the past and using computer. Analysis to know how much ocean level increases in future.

Researchers found that the melting ice glaciers in the Greenland would increases the level of ocean at a higher rate. Due to the melting level of ice sheets in Greenland the earth temperature will increases for every 1000 meter decreases in ice sheets in Greenland. Six degree (Celsius) global temperature will increases.

The main reason for melting ice sheets in Antartica is due to break up of large massive glaciers and floats away. Recents a huge mass glaciers of nearly 278 square miles(720 squareKm) which is larger than Chicago , broke from Antartica Pine Island Glacier. 

Researcher says that in future Greenland disappears and Antartica will reduce in size but not disappear. This sealevel rise and global temperature change will last for thousand of years for long period. This study published in Journal proceeding of National Acadamy of Sciences.

What is the cause of global warming.
Global warming temperature increases at sealevel.
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